Some Useful Memory Strings
If you are using a live RAM viewer (such as Aldelaro5's dolphin-memory-engine) on Dolphin. You can use the following strings below to look at certain useful regions of memory that can assist you for making codes, or just understanding how certain modes in MKWii work.

5544000D 00000184 = ITEM SPY Packet

This string will lead to to ITEM SPY Packet. Everybody's items will be shown in an organized listing along with their trailing/circling item plus tail_mode.

55440006 000003F8 = SELECT Packet

This string will lead to the beginning of the SELECT Packet. This packet of information shows everybody's character with vehicle they are using. It also shows what track everybody has voted (including random). The track that is picked by the lottery, along with client slot is also in this packet. Keep in mind this info will only show during track voting.

5544000C 000001C8 (2nd one listed on search results) = Current Item Probability Table for VS

This string will lead to the beginning of your current Item Probability Table in Race for non-battle modes. The table pretty much remains static once it is loaded when the race begins unless someone DC's during the race. When that occurs, the item table will modify itself accordingly once you pick up your next box. This info (plus string) will only appear in memory during live racing.

5544000D 000009F0 = USER Packet

This is a very powerful packet to observe. The packet of information for USER packet will only be shown when you are connected in a WW/Battle. In this region of memory, you will be shown the following items:

Your Choice of Single Player or Multi Player
Your entire Mii Data (including Client ID)
Your FC
Your Wii ID
Your Country Flag Setting & Province (region within country) Settings
Your Geo Location (postion on Globe) Settings
Your VR & BR
Which type of Disc/ISO you are using
Your Region ID

What's powerful about this packet is that it will also show this info for everybody else! You can also use this packet to see whether or not you are the host, and tell who the host is. If you are the host, you will have a very large range of zero's after your packet of data leading to the next player listed. If the range of zero's is very short (I can't exactly remember the amount of zero bytes, maybe 5 iirc), then you are NOT the host. If you are NOT the host, the first player listed after you is the Host.

55440006 000001EC (the only result within Mem90) = Client Sided Mii Display Data

This packet will show your Mii Name Data that is displayed for you when viewing your Mii when online. Manipulating this data will NOT be shown to other people's screens.

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