Henlo my guys
Hey everyone. I've sorta just jumped in to the Wii hacking scene, only a few years late. Better late than never, no? The Wii seemed like it was dying a bit, and i'm just trying to do my part to keep it alive and well. It's not like the bestselling console in America is gona go down without a fight. I sure do love the Wii, it's just so interesting! I don't exclusively do work on MKWii cheats but experimented with other games like COD and Cabela's hunting games. The latter has virtually no attention and codes made for it, so I figured I could single-handedly bring in a "golden age" of the game, adding retarded stuff like extra guns and (if I somehow manage to literally become Coding Jesus or something) an online medal comparing-thingy (the game has NO online capabilities whatsoever). I like the direction this website's going in, too. This community's great!
Thank you for joining the forums and spending some time here. If you come up with any site suggestions, feel free to drop some ideas here - https://mkwii.org/showthread.php?tid=18

Also here's our discord server - https://discord.gg/uxmApth
I'll join ASAP. Yeah this place is a lot of fun, I spend quite a bit of time here. Lots to learn still, though.

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