Hello, so Itemslot.bin holds item probability information in the game. 

there are several modes in the game, with twelve different probability tables. This would take a very long amount of time to do by one's self, therefore I am going to make this a community project. 

Simply download HxD. Open the itemslotbinguide.txt file, and add the corresponding values with each item. There are more instructions within the text file, so just do about 3 minutes of reading, and you're good to go. Thank you to anyone who helps with this project... YOU WILL BE GIVEN CREDIT.

3 Tables are already completed, and it takes about 45 minutes to complete one of the 12 tables, so if you have some free time, please help us out!
Once this gets completed, you could make screenshots of every table. Give them to me, I'll upload them. Then you can put the links (in table order).

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