About Coder Forum Rank
From browsing the forum, you might have seen a few users have a special Forum Ranking labeled as - Coder. This rank has 5 item boxes with the color of the boxes being inverted.

How does one get the Code forum rank?
In order to be granted this forum ranking, you must be what I call an "Intermediate Real Code Creator" Obviously, this is a very subjective term. Basically you need one of the following requirements:

- Be at an intermediate level or better for writing PowerPC ASM for Cheat Codes (simple ASM codes like the original shared item code do NOT count, you must make an ASM more complex than simple li's, stw's, lwz's, etc)

- Make at least one practical Execute ASM code (this will show that you have a good enough skill set to write a usable cheat code in C++)

- Make a VERY VERY complex Gecko code-type Cheat code. If a person doesn't write ASM, but he can create an astronomically powerful, long, and complex code based on Gecko Code Handler Documentation, then they can get the Coder rank. This is basically impossible though to get the Coder rank with just this requirement alone, as by the time someone has enough knowledge in Gecko to do this, they already will have the required ASM and/or C++ knowledge.

Does having the Coder forum rank have any special permissions/powers?
As of right now, not really. There is access to a private forum which rarely has temporary private codes in it. Basically, I made the Coder forum rank so that if a noob gets a response from a person with Coder rank, than that noob can trust the information of the response. I may add special powers in the future.
Coder rank has been removed. Thread moved to graveyard.

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