LOL Donkey of the Day goes to TombWarrior
When they say the World's Average IQ is dropping 2 points per decade, they are not kidding.

LOL. This is too easy, but I'll go ahead and roast this double digit IQ donkey.

First: He comes on saying he probably won't use the server because of 'Wii ID Grabbers'. So he's saying he hasn't used the server yet, but he later said he got on the server (once). So which is it? 

Second: Even if I didn't have a Wii ID Grabber code. I can get anyone's Wii ID from the Admin Page (I know guys, he's that retarded). Not only that, I PROVIDE codes to spoof your Wii ID if desired, so the Wii ID Grabber Code is useless. The server is unregulated. So anyone can use any codes. Hold on it gets better...

Third: He says "I trust Wiimmfi". Hahahaha. So obviously hes implying I will take people's Wii private Identifiers and release them. Well my MKW Server has been up since Dec 2017. Do any of you guys see me leaking people's Wii private identifiers? Yea, I didn't think so.

Fourth: He says "ur advertising IP grabbers". LOLWTF. For starters, please dude link me the code where I made an "IP Grabber". It's amazing you know of codes that I made but I didn't even know I have made them myself. You must have some special telepathic powers. Props. Let's say he's implying I'll leak user's IP addresses from either the forum admin page or server admin page. Once again, provide your proof dude.

Fifth: He says "and threatening people". This is the part that irritated me. You have the audacity to claim I have threatened people but provide no proof. And you think I'm 'sketchy'. Gtfo bro, left wing nut.

Of course, I told him to provide some sort of proof. He then '@'s a user by the name of Pucci, and then he goes idle for a half of a minute or so. He starts to type then stops. What's the matter? Double digit IQ brain can't function right? 

LOL, I then put "Go ahead, the floor is yours". Got em. Checkmate. And the rest of the convo was some bullshit.

Considering he was the same guy that made us troll Koretato during one of his streams by us using TomB Miis. It's not really surprising he would not play AltWFC-based servers.
I have played on a AltWFC&CoWFC server named BenFi. For that server, in order to get your Wii activated and not get 230000. He would ask who's serial is it (obviously not showing all of the serial, obviously only shows the 2 or 3 letters at the beginning of the serial and the first 2 or 3 numbers of the serial) or users can get activated via telling what their MAC is (which is irrelevant for anything other than Letterbomb but the AltWFC panel still keeps track of that)  so that they can get activated w/o telling the serial. And still, I haven't have heard a case of Ben fully leaking any serials.
Well it appears TombWarrior is now correct on one thing! Here's an 'IP Grabber' code - Dedicated to TombWarrior.

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