MKW Tournament/Competition data
First, if this thread is in the wrong subforum, feel free to move it (I honestly didn't know where to put this). Also feel free to edit this post if you want to add some info/notes or whatever.

So I've been collecting all the original tournaments made by Nintendo and wanted to share them for archiving purposes. 
So, if someone wants them, Illegal material, removed... - Zak

They're all downloaded from the Wiimmfi Servers, and are stored in wc24dl.vff files (because I don't know how to extract the .RKC files with a Hex editor, lol) so if you want to play any of them, just put the vff file inside your save game.

Please note that there are some competitions missing (I currently have 35/46). I'll be updating the download link everytime I get a new tournament file.
Link removed due to copyrighted material.

You are allowed to put something like.. For more info, please PM me on said service/app (provide contact info)
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