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Hall of Shame

This list will include anybody of the cheating/hacking community who committed any of the following (but is not limited to) actions:  Lied about making codes, falsely claims to be an actual code creator, stole credits from other ppl's work, released fake/non-working codes on purpose, and/or made false claims of new discoveries (just more lies all around in general to trick their fanbase)

- Released fake codes
- Claimed to have powerful codes and bragged about having them to himself privately, but all the claims were completely made up
- Called himself a code creator, yet he couldn't read nor write ASM, and didn't know how to port codes
- Made a forum/site specifically to have young kids beg him for his fake codes
- Was known to literally plug in random instructions in already made ASM codes to attempt to make them function differently
- Claimed that he discovered '2A33/2A34' controller address values (I lol'd IRL at this one)
- Had a USB Gecko but still never made one ASM code (what a shame, someone else could have actually used the gecko for great code making)



- Released fake codes (this dude made like 10 different fake perfect timer codes, I shit you not)
- With ported codes, he claimed he did the ports manually, but he was actually using MKW Code Generator auto porter
- Stole credits from other people's work and codes
- Called himself a code creator, yet he couldn't read nor write ASM
- Co-ran a forum/site with the intent of having mkwii kiddies treat him like a Hacker GOD
- Also the forum/site that he co-runs, is full of so much fakery and bullshit, I don't even know where to start. That site is soooo much cancer.

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