List of REAL Code Creators
List of REAL Code Creators

Here is a list of REAL MKWii Cheat Code Creators. It will include anybody who can read & write PowerPC ASM or read & write C++ who has made at least one cheat code specifically for MKWii.

[Image: jp.png]Dea [Image: geckologo.jpg]
[Image: jp.png]East [Image: geckologo.jpg]
[Image: jp.png]Kinopikovh [Image: geckologo.jpg]
[Image: jp.png]Mander [Image: geckologo.jpg]
[Image: jp.png]Ryuk [Image: dolphinlogo.jpg]
[Image: us.png]Anarion [Image: geckologo.jpg]
[Image: us.png]CosmoCortney [Image: geckologo.jpg]
[Image: us.png]Diamond [Image: dolphinlogo.jpg]
[Image: us.png]Fishguy [Image: geckologo.jpg]
[Image: us.png]Hamster [Image: geckologo.jpg]
[Image: pe.png]Luis [Image: dolphinlogo.jpg]
[Image: us.png]MrEvil [Image: geckologo.jpg]
[Image: us.png]NinArm [Image: geckologo.jpg]
[Image: us.png]Nutmeg [Image: geckologo.jpg]
[Image: us.png]Phyz [Image: dolphinlogo.jpg]
[Image: us.png]RiiDefi [Image: dolphinlogo.jpg]
[Image: us.png]Star [Image: geckologo.jpg] [Image: devkitlogo.png]
[Image: us.png]TheTrueScruffy [Image: dolphinlogo.jpg]
[Image: us.png]Volderbeek [Image: geckologo.jpg]
[Image: us.png]Zak [Image: dolphinlogo.jpg]
[Image: es.png]Atlas [Image: dolphinlogo.jpg]
[Image: de.png]Bully [Image: geckologo.jpg] [Image: devkitlogo.png]
[Image: gb.png]Chadderz [Image: geckologo.jpg]
[Image: gb.png]EvilRobot [Image: geckologo.jpg]
[Image: gb.png]Geeh [Image: geckologo.jpg]
[Image: gb.png]Guru [Image: geckologo.jpg]
[Image: de.png]Leseratte [Image: dolphinlogo.jpg]
[Image: it.png]Mdmwii [Image: geckologo.jpg]
[Image: gb.png]MrBean [Image: geckologo.jpg]
[Image: it.png]MrLuigi [Image: geckologo.jpg]
[Image: nl.png]SwareJonge [Image: dolphinlogo.jpg]
[Image: de.png]Wiimm [Image: devkitlogo.png]
[Image: fr.png]XeR [Image: geckologo.jpg] [Image: devkitlogo.png]
Forgot Luis :thinking:
^Hasn't made one ASM code ever. There's no evidence at all that he knows ASM.

EDIT: After going back and lookin over Luis's codes. It does appear he knows a tiny tiny tiny bit of ASM (did some rerouting of branches on single liners). Added him to the list. It's a shame though that he hasn't made an insert ASM code ever.
Congratz to Phyz for making his first ASM code!
Forgot to mention -- Diamond and SwareJonge added to the list.

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