Region ID Algorithm Modifier
I have figured out entirely how the Region ID Algorithm is done. First off, the Wiki Tockdom page is not correct at all. It claims that the region of the Wii, and DVD type determine the Region ID plus other unknown factors. This is completely false. Only thing that determines the Region ID is the country code within your SYSCONF file of NAND. But this doesn't apply to every MKW game.

Now, the USA and Korean game have their region ID's 'locked-in' meaning they don't include the POWERPC ASM instructions to check what country code you have to determine Region ID. Their Region ID Algo's are almost the same, just some slight differences.

Moving onto the PAL game. There are added ASM instructions involving multiple registers for country code check. If you have a AUS/NZ country code, then region ID 3 gets loaded. If not, then you have region ID 2.

The JAPAN game has the most complex algorithm. Using more registers and more ASM instructions. I don't know why that is, there's no need for it. But in the scheme of things it does the same thing as the PAL game. Checks to see if you have Taiwan country code. If yes, region 4, if not region 0.

The algorithms happen early in the main.dol. Meaning they are preformed before the Wii Remote bootstrap screen. I have made a single-line code that can modify a component of this algorithm, thus changing the final result. It is a TRUE region ID changer code unlike the other Region ID changer codes. Those codes aren't fake per say, they do change your Region ID, but the algo is not effected making those codes not 'true'.





Code is created by me. Done on August 1, 2018. It is a single line code as mentioned earlier. A simple RAM fill type code. X values are obviously BA values. The Y values are a new ASM instruction replacing the older one. Depending on the variation of the Y values, you can make the algo spit whatever region ID number you want.

This means you can PERMA EDIT (hex edit) this into an ISO. Thus making this better than all the other Region ID Changer codes. Anarion was the first to have a Region ID changer code. But the spot in RAM where his one-line code resides is in between the main.dol and StaticR.rel. Thus, you can't hex/perma edit it into an ISO. All other codes are insert ASM-types. Sure you can use WIT tools to patch (add gct file) the main.dol, but those main.dol-gct-patched codes won't load if Ocarina is set to ON on a USB loader. With a hex/perma edited ISO, it doesn't matter how Ocarina is set. Codes load because they are literally part of the ISO.


I won't be answering any questions that could leak how I did this. If you want to have this code, do the work and make it yourself. If you are successful, please credit me as the person who found it first. To prove this, here is a video:


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