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VaronFi is the second most popular DWC Emulator server (after ALTWFC). Unlike ALTWFC, it has an established community, set of official rules, and official discord server.

Discord Server -
Website -

Rules: Hacking in Worldwides is forbidden but hacking in Regionals (or our cheat region) is fine.

NOTE: Please refrain from changing your console identifiers frequently. Any console cannot have more than 1 MAC address tied to it. If you disobey this disclaimer, you will receive error code 23915 - "Console banned for identification abuse". In order to resolve this error code, please join our Discord server and message a moderator, giving as much detail as possible (console MAC, serial number, name, friend codes used in games, etc). You will be given another chance to join the server after we have reset the login counter for your console. We take console abuse very seriously at VaronFi, so you may only get 1 chance to change your ways. If you continue to abuse console information, you will be banned from VaronFi forever.

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