Blackscreen or Stall Everyone in WW/Room
Blackscreen or Stall Everyone in WW/Room

This code will allow you to either blackscreen everyone or stall the WW/Room til everyone DC's.

F6000001 80008180
55440006 000003F8
1200002C 0000WWWW
E0000000 80008000

P Values:
3 = NTSC-K MKWii
4 = All other versions

WWWW Values:
0000 = Blackscreen
FFFF = Stall WW/Room

Regardless of what WWWW values you use, press your activator AFTER you have chosen your track. If you are the last person to pick a track, this means you will be pressing your activator when the lottery is occuring. Once the lottery picks the track and if WWWW value is 0000, everyone will blackscreen. If the WWWW value was FFFF, the race will start. However (on your screen), you will be in live view mode as mario/standard kart and can't race, but you will never disconnect. On other's screens, they will see that you will have a player Mii with white line along with the mii name - Player. When the others finish the WW, they will be stalled from you until the timer reaches 5:50 on your screen. Then everyone DC's to offline main menu.

Code created by: zak

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