Blackscreen Everyone in WW/Room (Host only)
Blackscreen Everyone in WW/Room (Host only)

NOTE: Outdated by my other version of this code which allows both host and non-host. Plus the ability to stall the WW instead of blackscreen it, if desired.

This code will blackscreen everyone in the ww/room including yourself. It only works if you are the host. Press your activator once you are at the player/VR listing screen or during track selection BEFORE you select a track. Once you pressed your activator, you MUST choose Random. Once the lottery occurs, your random will be picked (every time), and Mario Circuit will be the track. Then everyone will get blackscreened. 

Region Free
F6000001 80008180
55440006 000003F8
1000004C 00000000
E0000000 80008000

P Values:
3 = NTSC-K
4 = All other versions

Code created by: zak
Thread moved to outdated. My new version allows both host and non-host plus an option to stall the WW instead of blackscreen.

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