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BOT World Wide
I've been working on a BOT WW setup, so somebody can always join a WW if they are bored. This could help with inactivity of the mkw server. 

STATUS: Bot WW inactive

There will be two BOTs. Both will be on Korean game (purple line), with the Mii Name - BOT.

Cheat codes that the BOTs will be equipped with:
- MarioBOT (obviously)
- No D/C
- 5000 VR (this is so if you don't patch your iso to remove the VR algorithm, you can still join the BOT WW with no issues)
- No VR Changes after race (so Bots always reset their VR to 5000 every time)
- Particle Eliminator (to reduce lag, this is mainly for the BOT that is on Dolphin)
- Instant Selection Timeout (Bots auto select A thru the Menus, and auto pick Random on track vote instantly, no waiting on the BOTs to timeout on course vote Big Grin)

This is a work in progress.

So in conclusion, view the stats page, the BOT WW may be up. Try to join it, and have fun.
Due to my Apple Router being stupid (2nd Bot's connection), I can't do BOT WW's for the time being.
Cool idea, get this up and running man Big Grin
I have a plan to get it back up Wink

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