How to Install and Run Aldelaro5's Live RAM Viewer
How to Install and Run Aldelaro5's Live RAM Viewer

This guide is for Debian or Ubuntu!!!

Aldelaro5's Live RAM Viewer is the first ever actual live memory viewer for Dolphin-Emulator. It supports BOTH Mem80 and Mem90. Comes with many features such as search fields, watch list, etc. It is a MUST have if you plan on using the "USB Gecko Item Spy" code for Dolphin.

It's also a must have if you ever plan on created your own ASM-from-scratch codes using Dolphin Debugger mode.

Anyway this guide will teach you how to install it via building it from source. Building the RAM Viewer (or any programs in general) from source code is much better than downloading a standard binary package. There's many reasons why, just google it for yourself if you are interested.

Let's begin..

1. Update, upgrade, etc etc...

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade && sudo apt-get autoremove && sudo apt-get autoclean && sudo apt-get clean

The above command will update and upgrade everything for your Linux OS plus delete/wipe any unneeded cache and/or dependencies

If you had to preform any upgrades, be sure to reboot your computer - sudo reboot

2. Install Dependencies

If you already have Dolphin-emulator installed on your Debian or Ubuntu (via built from source code), then you already have all the dependencies, proceed to next step. If not, view the Dolphin install guide HERE and install all the dependencies from steps 2 & 3.

3. Download Master Github Package

Go to this link -

Click on the large button "Clone or download". Choose download, and download the zip file. THe zip file - will be downloaded.

Unzip the file. There will be a master/root folder named - Dolphin-memory-engine-master. Move that master/root folder to a desired location (such as /home/yourusername).

4. Preparing and Executing the Build

Within the master/root folder, is a folder called Source. Using terminal, cd into the Source folder (ex: cd /home/yourusername/Dolphin-memory-engine-master/Source)

Run the following command...

mkdir build && cd build

Now run this command...

cmake ..

And finally run this...


The source code will now be built, takes just a few minutes. Once completed your terminal will be auto directed into /home/yourusername/Dolphin-memory-engine-master/Source/build

If not, just cd into that location.

5. Booting the RAM Viewer

Before we boot the RAM viewer, launch your Dolphin emulator (in a seperate terminal), launch your MKW iso/wbfs

Going back to your original terminal, run this command to boot the RAM Viewer...


RAM Viewer will now launch. At the top of the menu, you should see a message "Hooked sucessfully to Dolphin". If not, reboot Dolphin and game, and click the Hook button.

Once you are hooked sucessfully, click the button - "Open Memory Viewer"

Congratz! You are now viewing MKWiis RAM live in action!

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