Tips on Reducing Lag
After I was lagging a recent WW from Dolphin (my apologies), I figured I would make a thread to help reduce lag on the mkw server. Here are some tips...

1. Run the particle eliminator code -

This will eliminate certain game animations which reduces ram usage for both physical Wiis and Dolphin emulators.

2. Wired connection

If possible, run a wired connection. For physical Wiis, buy a Nintendo brand Wii or Wii U LAN adapter. Off brand products rarely work. Make sure it is a genuine Nintendo product. They're cheap too. 

For dolphin users, this is simple. Use a standard ethernet connection.

3. High data rate code -

This is a code that increases the amount of packet transfers for connections. Therefore lag is reduced. HOWEVER, this only works if and only if you already have a good internet connection. Not everybody needs to run the code, but it helps more if everyone does. Now if somebody has shit connection, this code will make it worse for them. Because instead of having lag spikes, they will simply disconnect.

So once again, only use this code if you (and everybody else in room/WW) already has a good quality internet connection.

In conclusion, basically only run the code in private rooms/small WW's where you know everybody is using the code too and everybody has already good connection beforehand.

4. 60 fps 100% (For dolphin users only)

For dolphin users. Make sure you are running at 60 fps nearly the whole time. Now the biggest lag spikes happen right before the race starts (when lakitu is hovering before the countdown proceeds). During this time if you spike down below 75%, there will be major lag. It's normal to have a spike down at this small moment in time, but too much is a problem.

Once the countdown initiates, you should RARELY ever go below 99/100%. The only time you should go below that number is from a shock combined with some other event in the race, and we're talking only going down to 95% when that happens for a split second.

I recommend if you are having issues, close all other programs, especially web browsers.

In conclusion, never spike down below 75% for a split second moments before the countdown, and always remain 99/100% during the rest of the race.

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