Tips For Dolphin Users
Dolphin Emulator is superior to the Wii for server connectivity because the Wii's Wifi card is very outdated and is capped at a very low download speed (22 MBPS iirc). The only issue with Dolphin is that if you can't run it at full speed (with no frame drops), then this will cause you or others to disconnect quite a bit in races.

Here are some tips to help Dolphin run without frame loss.

1. Run the particle eliminator code -

This will eliminate certain game animations which reduces GPU usage.

2. Wired connection

If possible, run a wired connection. Wired is always more stable than wireless.

3. Close all Other Programs, Don't Run Aldelaro5's RAM Viewer

Pretty simple. Close all other applications. Don't run Aldelaro's RAM Viewer as that makes Dolphin run worse.

4. Force 30 FPS (For Android Users Only)

Use the Force 30 FPS Code -

If you run Dolphin on an Android Phone and you are close to full speed. This code can close that gap. It worked for me. I was lagging a bit, just enough to D/C from Races. And now with the code, I can WW fine. The code will cap Dolphin at 30 FPS which can help eliminate frame drops.

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