Good Games Thread
This thread will be for my encounters with those in WW's Tongue

GG's to 'NoHack2Win' guy!

I was quaz ))) << in the WW earlier. 

Sorry if i was pretty boring as I was playing on Dolphin via Keyboard. So i picked Mario automatic kart so i can actually drive. Plus i had the default GCN button settings on lol (forget which buttons were to look backwards, trick, etc).

Nice shocks  Big Grin
Good games to PJMOR and the other guy using the default mii. I was the guy with the boxed ?'s for my mii name (korean name but your game can't read it)
We were honestly shocked (and pleasantly surprised) to see somebody else join the game! We figured it must've be you once you took the gap shortcut in DK Summit, and because it was uncommon to see somebody using Mario with the standard kart. Good game!
GG's to Mario (in Mario mach).

i was the purple line player with 6544 something something Mii Name. The BOT person was my Dolphin simply hooked with NO DC code. I was doing some tests at the time u joined
GGs to News (i was the purple line 6544dd grey hair mii person)

The two others named BOT are my dolphin BOTs.

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