Unban Yourself From Any Server
Guide to Unban Yourself From Any Wii Server

NOTE: This guide has been made from the study, testing, and accumulation of information on my past personal Wii emulation servers. In theory, this should work for all Wii emulation servers. However, I cannot guarantee success since I will NOT break the rules and get banned on somebody else's server.

Another NOTE: I am expecting you to have quite a bit of Wii Hacking Knowledge already. This guide will NOT be baby step after baby step like some of the guides I have written in the past.

This guide is written for use on actual physical Wii Consoles. This is NOT for Dolphin Emulator.

Experience with HBC, Wii Softmodding, and installing Wads
A Hex Editor (I recommend HxD for Windows, and Okteta for Linux & FreeBSD). You can find the free download for HxD after a quick minute of searching on Google.
Knowledge on how to use your Hex Editor
HBC installed version 1.0.7 or higher
Wii on System Menu version 3.2 or higher

Linux Users: All programs that are used in this guide that are native for Windows work 100% in Wine.

Chapter 1: IP Address

First thing's first, all servers keep track of all players' IP Addresses. Thus, it is essential that this must be changed. Normally with Dolphin Emulator, you can use a simple VPN and you're set. But since this is for physical Wii Consoles, it is required for you to actually change your real IP Address.

To see what your IP is, simply Google 'what is my IP?'. It doesn't matter which type you look up (IPv4 vs IPv6), just be sure to look up the same type obviously after you have preformed the instructions below.

Here are some methods to change your IP. Start at #1 and work your way down in order if the current method you're on doesn't work.

Be sure to re-google 'what is my ip' after trying a method. Once you have a different IP address, go to Chapter 2.

1. Reset your Internet modem (Some ISP's have a setup to where every time you reset your modem, you get a new IP)
2. Turn modem off, wait 5 minutes, turn it back on.
3. Turn modem off, wait 1 hour, turn it back on.
4. Turn modem off, wait 24 hours, turn it back on. This step usually does the trick.
5. Turn modem off, wait multiple days.
6. If you don't have the patience for #4 or #5, try calling your ISP customer service phone number and ask to have a new IP. Some companies will not care and reset your IP, others will give you a hassle and want an explanation.
7. Last Resort – You can try to set a proxy on your Wii. Be warned, that chances are, the proxy get detected. Google Wii Proxy Setup and find a reputable website to follow instructions.
8. Last Resort #2 – If all else fails or you're worried about getting caught using a proxy, then get a new Internet Service Provider. That will automatically give you a new IP address.

Alternative methods: If you haven't used a 'hot spot' before, you could purchase a hot spot service for your cell phone and use that. This will work as long as you have never used said hot spot on your banned profile/Wii.

Another alternative method (theorized): You could run your hot spot thru a VPN service. This should work, but I have never tested it to confirm.

Chapter 2: Wii ID

Normally, you can change your Wii ID by reformatting the Wii. But this will not work because this wipes a key identifier known as DWC_Authdata. So when you connect back online after the Wii Reformat, you will receive the same DWC_Authdata again which can flag a Server Admin/Mod and you are thus banned again. In theory, you could Reformat the Wii then use an app called WiiXplorer to create a DWC_Authdata file from scratch. But this is tedious, it's easier to simply change the Wii ID via Hacks.

The easiest way to change your Wii ID without a reformat is by a channel called NWC24 Editor Channel. It is normally only found in NDEV Wiis but thanks to the progress of Wii Hacking, the channel is available and can be installed on normal Wiis.

You will need the NWC24Editor Channel -  Contact me via discord (zakmkw#8365) for more information.

You will also need to download the ToolBox package - Contact me via discord (zakmkw#8365) for download information.

Unzip the ToolBox package. Format your SD card, and move all the contents within the ToolBox folder to the SD. Download and unzip the NWC24 Editor Package. Inside the NWC24RetailChannel folder is the wad file for the channel. Move that wad file inside the wad folder that's on your SD card.

SD into Wii, power on Wii. Launch HBC, then launch Wii Mod. Scroll down to Wad Manager. Press A. Press 1 to select the NWC24 Channel wad for install. Then press A to install the Wad. Once complete, press the Home Button to exit back to HBC. Now exit back to the Wii Main Menu and you will now see the NWC24 Editor Channel.

Launch the NWC24 Editor Channel. Using the Wii Remote, point at your TV Screen. You will see a cross that moves along on the screen where you are pointing at. Sort of like a Wii Zapper controller for shooting games. At the top left you should see an option named Tool. Point the cross at Tool and press A. Select the third option  - NWC24. Select Initialize NWC24.

A prompt will appear with the message - "clear all NWC24 settings. Are you OK?" Click OK.

After a brief moment, your Wii ID will be reset to all zeros. Click on the Tool tab again. Select NWC24 again. This time, select Register WiiID. After a brief moment, you will have a new Wii ID. Press the Home Button on your Wii Remote. A prompt will appear asking if you are OK with returning to the Wii Menu, select OK.

Chapter 3: DWC_Authdata

The DWC_Authdata (also known as User ID) is a hexadecimal string given to you by the server which is used to determine what FCs you will have. Afaik, on all servers, this info is readily available for server admins/mods to view.

Relaunch HBC. Launch the FS ToolBox app.

Fstoolbox will begin listing items that are patched and not patched. Once that is done, you will see a menu giving you some tips on how to dump/extract files, etc. Press A to continue. A small warning will flash for a few seconds, then a list of directories will appear.

Navigate down to shared2 and press A. You will then see a new list of more directories and a file named DWC_AUTHDATA. Move your cursor down and make sure it is selected on DWC_AUTHDATA. Press (-) minus button. Once dumping is complete, press the Home button to exit fstoolbox to HBC. Turn off Wii, take out SD card and place it into your computer

Launch HxD. Go to File then Open. Select the drive letter where your SD card is located. You will see a new folder in root called FSTOOLBOX. Enter that folder then enter the shared2 folder. Open the DWC_AUTHDATA file.

You will now see your authdata file in hex. Authdatas go like this--- 00 00 0X ZZ ZZ ZZ ZZ ZZ. The X can only be 0-8 and Z can be anything in hex. If you edit X to a letter or edit any of the first 5 zeros, you will get a semi-brick. Edit your authdata randomly and thoroughly. Save changes. Exit Hex Editor.

HxD will automatically make a backup version of your unchanged DWC_Authdata file in your FSTOOLBOX folder, be sure to delete it! Eject SD out of computer. SD card back into Wii. Boot wii, load HBC, launch FS Toolbox. Do exactly as before, except this time, press the (+) plus button on the file DWC_AUTHDATA. Once file is written, press the home to go back to HBC, then go back to system menu. Now reboot the Wii.

Chapter 4: Data Save(s)

This is simple. Simply delete all your MKWii Data Saves.

At the Wii Main Menu, click on the Wii Logo on the Bottom Left. Click Data Management, then Wii. Find the MKWii Data Save file(s) and erase them all.

Chapter 5: Serial Number

This is the number that's on the sticker on your Wii. It is stored on a file called setting.txt within the NAND.

Launch HBC. Launch the System Settings Replace Tool v2 app.“Use HW-AHBPROT" will be highlighted, Press A. App will now initiate IOS patches..Press 1 on the Wiimote to dump your current setting.txt file to your SD card. “SD Card” will be highlighted, Press A. Once setting.txt has been dumped to SD card, press Any button to continue. Now you’re back at HBC. Power off Wii, SD into computer.

You need a small exe file called SettingEditor, Download link is HERE. Linux Checksum if desired is - HERE

When you view your SD card on your computer you will notice that the setting.txt file is at the root of the SD. Unzip the SettingEditor download. You will see the exe file for the program within the Setting Editor program. Run the exe file.

A default setting.txt will be loaded (European), click the Open button, and click the setting.txt that's on your SD card. Change the serial number to a new 9 digit number. (such as 100583458). I wouldn’t try anything crazy like all 9’s. I do know on my own mkwii server that any LU serial that begins with 9 gets read incorrectly (could just be my own server being the issue), and LKM serials can only start with 1. I would just play it safe and use any serial number beginning with the number 1.

After changes, click Save. A window will appear allowing you to name the file to save it as. Name it to setting. The file extension type will already be set to .txt. Click Save. You will be told that the file already exists and will be asked to replace it. Click Yes. You will be asked if you want to encrypt the contents. Click YES. New setting.txt will be saved overwriting the old one. Close SettingEditor. Eject SD, SD into Wii, power on Wii, launch HBC, launch Setting Replace app. 

"USE HW-AHBPROT" will be highlighted. Click A. Now click the 2 button to restore the new setting.txt to your Wii. "SD Card" will be highlighted. Click A. Once completed, press any button to exit back to HBC.

Chapter 6: Mii Data

For MKW there are many specific servers that are used. Such as nas, natneg, gcpm, sake, etc. The sake server holds all the Mii Data for all the players that are currently online. Thus we need to change two things within said Mii Data. Those are the Client ID and Avatar ID. The Client ID is a checksum8 calculation done from the Wii's MAC Address. The Avatar ID is a number given based on the combination of the variations of a Mii's color, height, and other stats.

SD card out of Wii, into computer, delete everything off of it. 

You will need the Savegame Manager GX HBC app. It can be found in my personal App Pack -  Contact me via discord (zakmkw#8365) for download information. Alternatively, you can find it via google pretty quickly. Just make sure you download the version for the Wii and not the vWii-Wii U version.

Launch HBC, launch Savegame Manager. At the top there are 4 small icons. Click the far left one that looks like a USB stick. Then choose Mii. Click on the Mii you want to extract, click Extract. Choose Custom.

Now a new menu will pop up. Click on the small folder icon at the top left. A keyboard will appear. Click on the Back button (at the top right) until the usb8:/ is completely gone. Using the keyboard enter this in - sd:/miis

Click OK. The keyboard menu will go away and you will now be at the window displaying the contents of the miis folder of your SD card (will be empty if there are no Miis). Click on the small checkmark icon at the top right.

Savegame Manager will now say - "Extract to: sd:/miis". Click OK. Once sucessfully extracted, click OK again. Click the small X icon on the top right. Press the Home Button on your Wii Remote and choose Back to Loader. then Wii Menu.

SD card into computer. Open up HxD, and open the mii that you saved on your SD card. Starting at Column 08 at Row 00000010 is the Avatar ID. It is 8 digits (4 bytes) long. Change this number, doesn't have to be super drastic, I would pick 2 of the 4 bytes and just change those.

Immediately after the Avatar ID (Column 0C; Row 00000010) is the Client ID. Change this very thoroughly. Keep in mind that once you change the Client ID, you won't be able to edit the Mii once it's imported back into the Wii. If you ever need to edit said Mii on the Wii, change the Client ID back to what it was. Save changes. HxD automatically backs up the original file with an added ".bak" extension. Move the original .bak file from your SD to a place on your computer for backup. Eject SD card, SD card back into Wii.

Now that both the Avatar and Client ID's are changed, lets import the Mii back into the Wii.

Now before we re-install our Mii, go to the Mii Channel and delete the version that's on your Mii Channel. This is needed because if we reinstall the same Mii (even though different avatar/clientID) it can cause a glitch, and the new Mii may not install. Once Mii is deleted, exit back to Wii Main Menu, launch HBC.

Launch Savegame Manager GX, click on USB icon and click the SD card icon. Choose the miis folder, and select your Mii. Select Install. 'Install to Wii' will be set as the patch. Click OK. Click OK again once successfully installed. Click X icon to exit, and exit back to the Wii Menu. Visit your Mii Channel, you will see your Mii is back. Exit back to the Wii Menu. SD card out of Wii, into Computer. You can go ahead and delete the Mii file in the miis folder.

NOTE: This procedure must be done for any Mii you plan on using on WiFi.

Also, if you are on Windows and have MyAvatarEditor installed plus knowing how to use it, then you can use that instead of a Hex Editor. Finally, if you are too lazy to do the Mii Data Edits, then you can simply use one of Wii's Guest/Player Miis. Those Miis have their own Avatar and Client IDs that are the same for every Wii.

Chapter 7: MAC Address

Anybody who's knows anything about bans will tell you that spoofing the MAC Address is always required. Unfortunately you cannot perma change this unless you actually swap in a different Wifi Module on your Wii. So, the MAC can only be spoofed.

Make a GCT file using the Full MAC Spoofer Code - HERE. Always remember to set your Ocarina to ON on your USB loader, Gecko, Wii Launcher, etc. Hooktype that works for this code is standard VBI. 

NOTE: If you forget to have your MAC Address spoofed just one time, you will most likely: Get blocked from connecting and/or re-banned again instantly/quickly.

Chapter 8: Going Online

Now that you got everything changed. It's time to connect to Wifi. Be sure you have your MAC spoofer GCT on your SD, Ocarina is ON, hooktype is VBI. Launch your game/iso. 

Choose the Mii that you preformed the ID edits on. Connect to online. You should connect to the server with no issues.

For wiimmfi server, you should see the error code 23899. This means you tricked the server to think you are an entirely different person thus meaning you have to wait the 7 days to play online. Congratz. If you receive a different error code (such as 239XX), you were caught and prevented from connecting to the server. 239XX means your were blocked/banned/re-banned on all other wifi servers too.

Chapter 9: Conclusion

Well nice job. It is a lot of work. But it is a true 100% unban. Others simply change their IP and MAC and call it good, but that usually ends up in said person being rebanned after a couple a days. My method will work forever (as long as same fake MAC and edited Mii is always used) until you do something to get your new "you" banned again.

Original DWC_Authdata guide by Mdmwii
Full MAC Changer Code by NinARM1 and Mdmwii
Settings Editor by Spzx0
System Settings Replace Tool by Tona and PabloACZ
AFAIK you can edit the Mii's Client ID and Avatar ID with the Mii editor.
Beast thread
(08-05-2018, 04:42 PM)mapnov Wrote: AFAIK you can edit the Mii's Client ID and Avatar ID with the Mii editor.

Yes I know that. But I didn't include the MyAvyEditor because some Operating systems can't run it under Wine (idk why Wine has issues emulating it). So I chose for the use of a hex editor in this guide. I'll go ahead and add a small note about it in the Mii Data Chapter. Also added new note about using Guest Miis.

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