Access Wiimmfi (no patcher, no CTGP)
This guide will teach you how to get on Wiimmfi without using the Wiimmfi Patcher or without using CTGP.

The guide will assume you already have knowledge of how to create and use GCT files.

Official MKW Disc
Working Disc Drive
My App Pack - Contact me via discord (zakmkw#8365) for download information.

Download and unzip the App Pack. Move all the files within the AppPack main folder to a blank SD card.

Make a GCT file with the No-SSL code and add any other cheat codes if desired. Please note that the No-SSL code MUST be the last code in your GCT file or else your other codes will be rendered useless. This is because the final line in the No-SSL code tells the code handler there are no more codes.

No SSL Cheat Code -

Add your GCT file to the codes folder of your SD card. SD into Wii, disc into Wii.

Go to your Wii Settings, Internet, Connection Settings.

Select your current Connection, click on Change Settings. Scroll left/right til you see Auto-Obtain DNS. Change yes to no and select advanced settings.

For Primary and Secondary DNS, enter the following IP address:

Save and preform a connection test. Once successful, deny the optional update, exit back to the main menu. Launch HBC.

Launch the WiiLauncher app. SD Cheats are enabled by default. Simply launch the game. SD cheats will be applied and game will boot.

Simply connect onto Nintendo WFC and you will be on Wiimmfi. This works because you have told the Wii in the internet settings to go the the IP location of Wiimm's server and you used the No-SSL code to remove HTTPS connection from the game, which is needed to be able to connect to any custom server.
This guide no longer works due to the new updates on Wiimmfi. Thread moved to graveyard.

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