Read This Before Posting A Thread
About posting threads on the Official Codes Forum

Here at, all the codes you see posted in this forum have been TESTED and they WORK***! Many other code sites have incorrect codes, non-working codes, fake codes, etc. Other code sites might have a working code, but their porting for other regions is incorrect. Also on, the Korean MKW is not neglected. Due to the rules, all codes must be supplied with a NTSC-K version. Other code sites don't have this rule.

To ensure legitimacy with the codes posted on, all threads here in the Codes forum go through approval by me. Before you post a thread, please test your code. When I see a thread pending for approval i will review the code(s).

Please read the entire rules in this thread HERE before posting a thread for approval. Actually, read the rules twice.

Just because I review all code(s) doesn't mean you ignore the rules completely before posting a thread for approval. If you create a pattern of constantly posting bad codes thinking I will 'fix' it for you, then you will receive a strike on your reputation and/or receive a ban.

If thread approval is denied due to the code not working at all, being fake, made up, etc; it will be moved to the Graveyard forum.
If thread approval is denied due to the code not 100% working, it will be Incomplete/Outdated forum (some parts of the code have to work!!)
If thread approval is denied due to the code already being outdated by another code(s), it will be moved to Incomplete/Outdated forum
If thread approval is denied due to me being unable to complete the ports if required, it will be moved to Incomplete/Outdated forum

If code(s) is all good, I will simply approve the thread.

Much thanks
- Zak

***Please note that some codes do NOT work in the Dolphin Emulator. Also, some codes may not work when using Wiimm's SZS Tools to patch the GCT file to the main.dol. Thank you for understanding***

If a code is not working in Dolphin, this may remedy it...
First, try upgrading your Dolphin to the latest Dev Version (post 96XX had multiple issues fixed regarding MKW Codes)

If that doesn't work or you don't want to change your Dev version, try this...
1. Launch Dolphin
2. Find the Icon Picture at the top that says 'Graphics'. Click on it to open Graphics settings.
3. Go to the Hacks Tab.
4. Underneath External Frame Buffer settings, be sure the box for "Store XFB Copies to Texture Only" is unchecked.
5. Save settings. Reboot Dolphin

~ Special shout out to Star for helping me fill up the Codes forum  Tongue

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