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Mii Editor / My Avatar Editor

Create and edit personalized avatar characters compatible with Mii™ characters found on the Nintendo® Wii™


- Create customizable avatars online or from your desktop computer
- Save and load your avatars to and from your hard drive
- Supports .mii character files as well as avatars defined in XML
- Export your avatars to a JPEG or PNG image for sharing on the web!

Requires Adobe Flash Player 10 or greater.

NOTE: Miis created on My Avatar Editor are saved with the ".mae" file extension. If you are using Savegame Manager GX to install Miis, change the file extension name to ".mii".
Ok I've uploaded it on my VPS. When I used this version of MyAvy on my windows 7 comp, i didn't need Flash. The package comes with the latest adobe air installer plus the .air package to install the editor program and create a desktop shortcut.

I've included a sha256 linux checksum for those who want to verify download integrity.
Online web version
Wiimmfi FC: 0478-4497-4135

Openhost enabled with whitelist
Added a note about file extensions and savegame manager gx

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