Guide to access ALTWFC (official disc)
NOTE: You need HBC installed before doing this guide. Tutorial to install HBC is HERE

1. Go to your Wii Settings, then to Internet
2. Choose the Connection your are currently using
3. Go to Change Settings
4. Click Left until you see the Auto-Obtain DNS Settings
5. Change it from Yes to No and click on Advance Settings.
6. Enter for Primary and Secondary DNS Settings
7. Save settings and complete the Connection Test, exit back to Wii Main Menu
8. Click on this Link HERE to download Brain Slug
9. Extract/Unzip the download
10. Move apps folder and bslug folder to root of SD card
11. SD into Wii, insert MKW disc, launch HBC
12. Launch the Brain Slug app
12. Connect to WiFi, congratz

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