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Error Codes
103XX = No TT leaderboards, Ghosts downloads not available (not configured on this server)
201XX = Game not patched correctly
23302 = You're connected on a browser-login based Wifi, but the Wifi redirected you because you need to re-sign back into the Wifi (this usally refers to Hotel/Airport Wifi). Resign back into the Wifi and reconnect, error code should go away.
23502 = MKW Server is down, but web server is up, contact me if this occurs if and only if the forums are NOT in maintenance mode.
23800 = Game not supported
5XXXX = Your Internet is unstable/crappy. Reset/fix your modem/router. Or you forgot to make an Internet connection for your Wii.
60000 = You're using a data save with FCs not made on the MKW Server. Use a new data save, or a different data save that's never been on wifi before, or use an ocarina code to clear your profile ID.
86420 = Peer-to-Peer connection drop. You or somebody else in the room has unstable/crappy internet.
91010 = Server hiccuped or took a dump. If this remains an issue, contact me. It may be time for me to reboot the mkw server.
94020 = A bad config regarding URL rewrites on my Nginx server blocks. URL redirects have been removed so this EC should never appear.
95010 = Server hiccuped when trying to connect you to a WW. Reconnect and try again. If this remains a problem, contact me. It may be time for me to reboot the mkw server.
98020 = No ghost racing (not configured on this server)

Make a post here if you get an error code you can't resolve or get an unknown error code.
10312: No TT leaderboards
98020: Similarly, no ghost racing
Wiimmfi FC: 0478-4497-4135

Openhost enabled with whitelist
^Added, thx

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