How do I access the Server?
The server can be accessed with using this cheat code - HERE

NOTE: The cheat code will NOT work on the Wii Launcher HBC app for Disc users. Classic Gecko OS HBC App DOES work. All USB Loaders work. Riivo is untested.

If for whatever reason, you do not want to use the cheat code, you can instead patch your ISO/WBFS for the domain nintendowifi.org via Wiimm's WIT/SZS Tools with this guide - HERE

Is this server meant to compete with Wiimmfi?
No. This server is simply a personal side project. It's purpose is to be a temporary alternative for those waiting on Wiimmfi approval, banned from Wiimmfi, or just want to try something new.

Are hacks/cheats allowed?
Yes, the server is completely unregulated. No bans will ever take place. Any reports to me of a cheater/hacker will be ignored.

Is there a waiting period like there is on Wiimmfi?
No, access is instant.

Is the server always online? And is there a way I can check if it's online without trying to get on using my game?
Server is up 24/7 except for rare maintenance, and if my VPS provider happens to do their own rare maintenance. To see if the server is online, visit this stats page - HERE If you can load the stats page, the server is up.

Does this server have an openhost feature like Wiimmfi?
No, this server is based off the old Nintendo gamespy servers. Both players must add each other.

Does Dolphin work on this server?
Yes, but please make sure you can run Dolphin on 60 fps or else you will cause extreme lag.

Does CTGP work on this server?
No. CTGP does not allow cheat codes to be loaded at all. Also, if you access the server with the alternative ISO patching guide, CTGP also does not allow modified main.dol & StaticR.rel files to be loaded.

Can I farm for FC's?
Yes, knock yourself out. As I mentioned before, server is unregulated. You can have as many FC's, profiles, consoles, etc registered as you want.

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