Alternate Guide to Access MKW Server (ISO/WBFS only)
If for some reason you don't want to use this simple cheat code HERE, follow this guide to patch your ISO/WBFS to the server's domain (

You will need WIT & SZS Tools...

WIT Tools - HERE
SZS Tools - HERE
For help installing the Tools, go - HERE

Before you begin..
You must use a new data save file for this server. Using a data save with FCs made from another server will result in EC 60000.

Guide (Linux only):
(the example guide will be using the American MKW game labeled RMCE01.iso (guide also works for .wbfs files), and the ISO/WBFS is stored in the directory /home/user/isos. Replace 'user' with your actual Linux/BSD username.)
1. Open a terminal: cd /home/user/isos
2. wit extract RMCE01.iso /home/user/isoextracted
NOTE: Don't make the 'isoextracted' directory beforehand. Wit will make it for you when the command is executed.
3. cd /home/user/isoextracted/DATA/sys
NOTE: Scrubbed ISOs will not have a DATA folder
4. wstrt patch main.dol --https domain --domain
5. cd /home/user/isoextracted/DATA/files/rel
6. wstrt patch StaticR.rel --https domain --domain
7. wstrt patch StaticR.rel --all-ranks
8. cd /home/user
9. wit copy ./isoextracted /home/user/NEWRMCE01.iso

Add your ISO/WBFS to your USB, however you prefer to do it.

Launch your preferred USB loader, launch MKW, go online. Congratz.
There is NO need to edit your DNS Wii Internet settings.

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