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Why do some of these guides not work on Windows????

I do not own a Windows computer. All my computers use Linux. Therefore the majority of these guides are designed for use in a Linux Machine. However, if you are intelligent enough, you can 'convert/modify' the guides to work on a Windows Machine. Some of the guides use WIT & SZS Tools instead of  ancient/outdated Windows GUI programs (excluding Ocarina) such as WiiScrubber. This is because the creator (Wiimm) of those tools initially made them for Linux usage. However they can be used in Windows. I do not recommend using Windows because it's non-free software and forces users to rely too heavily on GUI-type programs. Windows caters too much to 'dumb' computer users.

I noticed some guides use FAT32 for USB usage while some guides use WBFS format, which is better?

If you are a beginner/newbie, chances are you use Windows on your Computer(s). If this is the case, stick to FAT32. WBFS (via WWT on Wiimm's Tools) is for advanced Linux/FreeBSD users who desire to use it for certain advantages. Here's a quick list of why WBFS is slightly better than FAT32.

Advantages of WBFS over FAT32:
- Virtually 100% success rate for launching games. FAT32 on a rare occasion, can cause a black screen.
- Games get added to USB drive much faster
- Games get ripped from Disc to USB drive much faster
- Full support of WBFS within Wiimm's Tools

Rules for posting Guides

- You must have tested it yourself
- Be organized

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