Beginner's Guide to add ISO/WBFS to USB Drive
This guide is meant for the absolute beginner who has just softmodded their Wii and wants to add a ISO/WBFS file to their USB stick so they can play their games via a USB Loader app.

Because this is a beginner's guide, this guide will be for Windows.

1. Insert your USB stick into your Computer. Backup any files if desired.
2. Format the USB stick to FAT32 (Quick format will work)
3. Make a folder on the USB called "wbfs" (without the quotations)
4. Now we will make a folder within the wbfs folder. The name of this folder varies depending on the title and game ID of your game. For demo purposes we will use the American MKW game (game ID of RMCE01)
5. Ok, within the wbfs folder, make the folder called - "MarioKartWii [RMCE01]" (without quotations)
6. The title of the game (no spaces) goes first, then the game ID within the brackets.
7. Most people use the USB loader GX program, so the way you name the folder doesn't have to exact except the game ID within the brackets has to be correct. For other USB loaders, follow the example I provided above exactly or else the loader might not recognize the game.
8. If your game is already in .wbfs format. We can simple drag and drop our American MKW game into the "MarioKartWii [RMCE01]" folder. If you game is in .iso format, please see further below for solution.
9. Once .wbfs file has been added to USB we need to rename it to match its game ID, so for this guide we rename the wbfs file to RMCE01.wbfs
10. Eject your USB. Plug in the USB  into the Wii. Depending on your Softmod, it is best to use the USB plug-in that is the bottom one (if the Wii is laying flat). Some Softmods don't have the proper wad files to allow the other USB port to be used. The softmod guide on these forums HERE only allows the bottom USB port to be used.
11. Launch HBC, launch your preferred USB Loader program. Select your game and launch it. Congratz!

If your game is in .iso format read this:
You will need WIT Tools to change the iso to a wbfs file. Download WIT Tools

For help installing WIT Tools, view this thread HERE
1. Once the tools are installed, there is a new Wiimm folder within your Program Files (x86) folder of your C Drive. Within that Wiimm folder, is a folder called WIT. Drag your ISO file into that WIT folder. NOTE: If your computer is a 32-bit system, the Wiimm folder will be in the Program Files folder.
2. Open up cmd/command prompt
3. Type this: cd C:\Program Files (x86)\wiimm\wit     (32 bit computer users replace 'Program Files (x86)' with 'Program Files')
4. Now type this: wit copy nameofyourISO.iso nameofyourISO.wbfs
5. And that's it you have made a copy of your game in the better wbfs format. Now you can complete the rest of the guide.

If you get a black screen when attempting to boot your WBFS via USB Loader, there's a few reasons why this could happen:
1. Your USB stick is corrupted or near the end of its life. Reformat it to FAT32 (Do a FULL format, will take awhile)
2. Your WBFS file is corrupted, this could be because you possess a corrupt file of your game, or you simply pulled your USB stick out of your computer without properly right clicking on it and selecting Eject.
3. Your SD card containing your USB loader app is bad, reformat it.

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