Go From Complete Noob to Veteran ASM Coder
Go From Complete Noob to Veteran ASM Coder

I've always tried to make teaching various things that I know about this game easier to others. I have guides after guides after guides, but I still run into 'noobs' with no sense of direction. Even tough I have a lot of good quality guides/tuts, this can be overwhelming for the 'noob'. They may not know which threads to read first, or at least read a list of desired threads in a proper order.

Therefore, if you are a complete noob, I will list the threads that you should read in order. It is CRUCIAL that you actually read the threads. No skimming. I repeat, no skimming. Once again... no skimming.... 

Once you have 'mastered' the info of a particular thread, move onto the next one. This will be a long journey. Don't expect to learn everything in a few days. Going through all the threads listed below will take weeks.

Requirements before you start:
Have a quality computer (i5 processor or better, 8gb of RAM or higher, running in good condition)**
A working Wii
An SD Card (in size anywhere from 512gb to 16gb)
A Media Card Reader***
USB Stick (at least 4gb in size)
An MKWii Disc or an MKWii ISO/WBFS file

**NOTE: I personally use Linux as my computer operating system. I do not own a Windows Machine. If you are a Windows computer user, MOST guides will still work for windows. The only issue is anything dealing with Wiimm's Tools. I have no idea how to run those Tools on a Windows machine. For anything Wiimm Tools's related on Windows, you will mostly be on your 'own'. Apologies~

***A media card reader is simply a small device that uses a USB plugin that has a SD slot in it. You only need it if you computer doesn't have an SD slot.

For those wondering, yes I know you technically don't need a Wii & SD Card. One can do everything with Dolphin. But a lot of the beginner guides are designed around the use of a Wii Console. If you are a complete noob and don't have any way to get a Wii with SD card, this will be a lot harder to do.

Even if you are not a complete noob (maybe somewhere in the intermediate level range if you will), this thread will still be of good use to you.

Enough talk, here are the threads. One at time! Follow the order!

N00b Level Threads

Intro to Wii/MKW Hacking
Summary: The very beginning where everything starts... Let's go.

Summary: An overview of many terms (or slang words) used in coding/hacking. You will need to get your vocabulary up early on.

SD Card Thread
Summary: You need an SD card, this thread will give you info of which SD cards are best/worse.

How to install HBC
Summary: The custom Wii channel that allows you to hack your Wii and/or play Wii games with cheats.

How to play MKW w/ Cheat Codes
Summary: Know how to make the appropriate files to use to load cheats in Mario Kart Wii

Ocarina Guide
Summary: This thread is linked within the previous one. This thread is specifically about the computer program you will ues to make cheat code files

Beginner Level Threads

Simplified MKW Cheat Code Documentation
Summary: Very basic documentation of formats of very basic cheat codes.

Fill in XYZ Values
Summary: This is required for codes that require you to 'activate' them or 'deactivate' them

Create Activators and Deactivators
Summary: Teaches you how to make your own activators and deactivators on a code that doesn't have them

Port Codes
Summary: Teaches you how to make basic cheat codes work in any 'version'/'region' of Mario Kart Wii

Intermediate Level Threads

Softmod Any Wii (skip this thread if you don't care about playing Wii games on a usb stick)
Summary: Modifies your wii greatly to allow many hacks such as the ability to play games on a USB stick. You will learn about Bootmii and other WIi Hacing items.

Rip ISO/WBFS from Disc (skip this thread if you don't care about playing Wii games on a usb stick)
Summary: ANother step to get you close to play games on a USB stick.

Add ISO/WBFS to USB Stick (skip this thread if you don't care about playing Wii games on a usb stick)
Summary: The final step to get you playing games on a USB stick

Sub-forum to Wiimm's Tools; Read sticky threads first (linux only, sorry Windows users...)
Summary: Teaches you endlesss ways to modify ISO/WBFS files.

Expert Level Threads

Install Dolphin from Source (only for Linux users); windows stuff is covered in Dolphin Cheat codes thread further down)
Summary: Will learn how to build and install the Dolphin Emulator

Install Aldelaro5's LIVE RAM Viewer (only for linux users; window stuff is cover in Dolphin CHeat codes thread)
Summary: Will learn how to build and install the needed RAM Viewer to help assist in making Cheat Codes

How to make Cheat Codes on Dolphin (also teaches Windows users how to install and run Dolphin) plus Adelaro5's LIVE RAM Viewer)
Summary: Yep, this is it. How to make your own real codes from scratch!

Assembly Tutorial
Summary: This thread is linked within the Dolphin Cheat Codes thread. Scared to learn ASM? Fear not! This thread by far is the best guide anywhere on the web to teach you basic PowerPC Assembly Code.

Simple ASM Reference
Summary: This thread is linked within the ASM Tutorial thread. Once you have learned ASM, view this as a refrence for ASM assistance.

ASM Tips n Trix
Summary: Having trouble writing basic ASM after learning it? Fear not! Here are some tips to make things easier

Using the Exception Vector Area
Summary: Once your ASM codes get a bit less basic, you may need to store data/values at a unused spot in Memory. This thread will teach you how.

ASM & Register Safety
Summary: Proper safety etiquette for ASM Codes

Pr0 Level Threads

Using Mem81 to Auto-Clear Data in ASM Codes
Summary: Gives you some insight on the usage of Mem81 for ASM

Pointer Trick
Summary: A workaround for certain ASM troubles in regards to breakpoints

Convert Floats to Integers
Summary: Ew floaters, let's convert them to integers!

Creating Loops Pt 1
Summary: How to create a list of repeating instructions in ASM

Calling Functions
Summary: Call basic static functions within the game using ASM

Creating Loops Pt 2
Summary: Pt 2 to the Creating Loops episode if you will...

Branch Link (BL) Trick
Summary: An optimized way to copy over large amounts of data in Power PC ASM

About Creating Stack Frames
Summary: Create Stack Frames to store registers/data to for backup

Utilizing Macros
Summary: Teaches you the ins & outs of Macros in an ASM Code's source


Welp, there you go. Not many ppl in this community have the patience to learn all of this.

Best of luck! Thanks for reading!
This is amazing!! I felt that before this it was slightly on the confusing side, but this really helps. Kudos. This has really inspired me to learn ASM properly and I do have a few cool code ideas already. Thank you so much for everything you have done for this site - it is truly insane, you should be proud.

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