Uneffected Health Bar Display Modifier; DBZ BT3
DBZ BT3 Uneffected Health Bar Display Modifier

Set the starting value you want to be displayed in the Health Bar for each player. The Health Bar will NEVER decrease from the set starting point whenever that player is attacked. This is for display only. The real normal health bars still function normally.

XXXX = Starting Display Health Amount for P1
YYYY = Starting Display Health Amount for P2/COM

Example Values:
9C40 = Full Green Bar, 3 Dots
7530 = Full Green Bar, 2 Dots
3000 = Full Yellow Bar Left

C21024B8 00000004
2C120000 40A2000C
38807530 48000008
38802000 90830030
60000000 00000000

#r18/r22/r27 - 0x0 for P1#
#r18/r22/r27 - 0x1 for P2/COM#

cmpwi r18, 0x0
bne+ player_two

li r4, 0x7530
b the_end

li r4, 0x2000

stw r4, 0x0030 (r3) #Default Instruction

Code creator: zak

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