SSQW01 Map Modifier/Temp Unlock
SSQW01 Map Modifier/Temp Unlock

This code will force you to play the map you have set on the code regardless of what you select on the menu. You can set the value to something such as 6 to unlock the DK's Jungle Ruins.

C268E3A8 00000002
3860000X 9064000C
60000000 00000000

X = Map

X Values
0 = Toad Road
1 = Bob-omb Factory
2 = Boo's Horror Castle
3 = Blooper Beach
4 = Magma Mine
5 = Bowser Station
6 = DK's Jungle Ruins

li r3, 0xX #Load Map Value into Register 3
stw r3, 0x000C (r4) Store word of r3 at address of r4 plus offset 0x000C
nop #Nop for odd amount of ASM instructions

Code creator: zak

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