SSQW01 Character Modifier/Temp Unlock
SSQW01 Character Modifier/Temp Unlock

This code will force you to select the character you have set on this code regardless of what you select on the menu. When you first select the CPUs, they will also be auto selected to the desired character value. If you back out, and repeat this process, the CPUs (all 3) will now be auto selected in a split second.

You can also set the character value to something such as A to temp unlock Shy Guy.

C2698E78 00000002
3800000X B010003C
60000000 00000000

X = Character

X Values:
0 = Mario
1 = Luigi
2 = Peach
3 = Daisy
4 = Wario
5 = Waluigi
6 = Yoshi
7 = Birdo
8 = Toad
9 = Koopa
A = Shy Guy
B = Kamek

li r0, 0xX #Load Character Value in Register 0
sth r0, 0x003C (r16) #Store halfword of Register 0 to address of Register 16 plus offset 0x3C
nop #Nop for odd amount of ASM instructions

Code creator: zak

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