RFNW01 Change First Mii's Name
RFNW01 Change First Mii's Name

This code will allow you to temporarily change the name of the First Mii listed on screen.

42000000 90000000
05B7E0A4 ppppqqqq
05B7E0A8 rrrrtttt
05B7E0AC uuuuvvvv
05B7E0B0 wwwwxxxx
05B7E0B4 yyyyzzzz
E0000000 80008000

Mii Name Symbol Map:
pppp = 1st character
qqqq = 2nd
rrrr = 3rd
tttt = 4th
uuuu = 5th
vvvv = 6th
wwww = 7th
xxxx = 8th
yyyy = 9th
zzzz = 10th

Example Values:
0020 = Space
0041 = A
0061 = a
E017 = DSi Heart

Use 0000 for unfilled values if you don't want to use the full length of 10 characters.

Code creator: zak

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