TT Recorder's Resource Page
TT Recorder's Resource Page

Here are a list of codes plus guides that can be useful to a TT Recorder.

Live Replay Code -

Ghost Always Saves -
No Ghost Data Saving -
Time Trial Record Resetter -

Graphical Speed-O-Meter (displays speed as its own graphical separate image, Vehicle based; code does NOT work in Dolphin) -

Remove Mini Map and Character Icon -
No Background Music -
No Voice Sounds (Offline) -
Tagname Size Modifier (set code's value to 2EDBE6FF to remove tagname) -
Timer Color Modifier -

Guide to replace Expert Staff Ghost -

List of Millisecond Display Codes (Can only use one at a time. With exception to the 1st code listed, all these codes in TT mode only work when Solo Race is chosen)
Speed-O-Meter; Vehicle Based -
Speed-O-Meter; XYZ Coordinate Based -
Air-O-Meter -
Mini Turbo Charge Meter -
Mushroom Boost Meter -
Trick Boost Meter -
Boost From MT and Stand-Still Release Meter -
Boost From Only MT Release Meter -
Stand Still Charge Meter -
Checkpoint Counter -

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