Rules for Codes Forum (read this too)
NOTE: All threads created in this sub-forum must be cheat codes. Do not create threads about general Hacking. If you have questions/concerns about a cheat code, then feel free to reply in that specific cheat codes' thread.


- Codes must be available for all regions including Korea (Read GREEN note below)
- You must supply proper code credits. Go HERE for more information.
- Region Free (F6 type) codes are ONLY allowed if and only if they can work on a standard GCT file and changing the hooktype is NOT required when changing version of MKWii.
- Codes must at least work on a standard Wii Console!! (Example: I have discovered many codes that either don't work or have no effect - see list further below). Test your Codes before posting please!
- Codes must be in an organized format (proper format shown further below). I have seen way too many MKW-Codes forums that are just so so sloppy.
- Do NOT pre-fill in your controller/button (XYZ) values for the codes. Leave them in standard XXXX YYYYZZZZ format to allow users to fill in the values that they desire. Same goes with Item Values in codes like the Forced Item Code.
- Please don't post any Item Hacks that require a 'Write Char Offset'. These Item Hacks are sooo outdated, I don't want them posted on
- If codes have non-controller values that are needed to be filled in, do not put the fill-in values as any hexadecimal letter (A-F). Use something like P, R, Q, W etc. You can use X, Y, and/or Z if the code doesn't have controller values to fill in.

NOTE regarding regions/ports: I understand that not everybody has access to get and/or make RAM Dumps for certain regions (especially Korea). If your new code thread doesn't have every region, but ALL other rules are followed, you can post the code. I can finish the ports for you. Please keep in mind that I am very busy at times, so don't expect me to get the port(s) done immediately that same day. Also, if I am unable to get all the ports after attempting, then the code gets approved but moved to the Incomplete/Oudated subforum.

Correct Code Format:
Name/Title of Code
Description or Guide (optional)
Additional Notes (optional) example: Source of ASM Code
Code credits (For proper format on credits view this thread - HERE)

If you want to switch up the format a bit that's fine. Such as putting credits right after the code name/title, or place the description after the code itself. As long as the title is at the top, and the credits are included, then it's all good.

List of Codes that don't work:
Anarion's Mii Name Changer (both versions)
Mdmwii's Wii ID Changer
Mdmwii's Serial Number BuTTsaver Code
Bully's Rapidfire for Classic Controller Code
Bully's Undetectable by Blue Shells
Bully's Clear Current Item Code
Bully's Display Time Modifier (JUST the minutes and seconds value, it 'works' but it effects game position therefore its not a display code only, however the milliseconds part actually works and that code itself is added on forums as 'millisecond display modifier')
Anarion's Vehicle Stat Modifier Offline (I've followed his instructions for the values to use, and tried my own. Character won't move unless you shroom, and the handling is way out of control, you spin in one spot at an extreme rate)
Bully's Instant Selection Timeout Code (the single line version, NOT the C2 ASM type which allows you to modify the timer value)
Only Find 1 Player WW's Code
Unsuspend Yourself
Ftwasify's No Voice when Star/Mega is Used Code
Davidevgen's No Kart Sounds (alternative No Engine Sounds) Code
Hamster's Star Speed Modifier
Hamster's Mushroom Speed Modifier
Revmage's Lightning Color Modifier
Revmage's Firesnake Speed Modifier
Gaia47300vr's The Item Float code
Red Color Bullet Bill
Davidevgen's Deploy Red Shell Speed Modifier
Spaghetti Nopper's Version of C-Stick Act/Deact Enablers (code is just iffy all around, maybe someone else can improve the code or make a diff one that works 100%)
Play as Bullet Bill Code
Hamster's Wheel/Chuck Key Remapper
Yo Momma's Perfect Timer
Anil8r's Perfect Timer
DarkFlare's Press Button To End Bullet Bill Code
DarkFlare's Disable Online Gameplay Code
DarkFlare's Detonate Bob-ombs on Command Online Code
DarkFlare's No Coin Pile
DarkFlare's Can Never Join Friends Code
DarkFlare's Anti Stalking Code
DarkFlare's Delete Friend Roster Code
DarkFlare's Ban Hackers Code
Luis's Detonate Bob-ombs on Command Offline Code (doesn't work every time you press your activator)
RoGamer's Stopped Chain Chomp Code
EvilRobot's Freeze WW Code
EvilRobot's DC WW Code
CPU Drives For You Code
RoGamer's Static Coin Code
GSKW's Nearsighting Code
Crashzer's Disable Map Preview Animation Code

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