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After fiddling around with some region free codes, I found out most of them require different hook types to run. Not only that, the hook type can vary on what version of MKW you are using. This defeats the whole purpose of region free. It is suppose to be completely universal, there shouldn't be a need to change the hooktype let alone change it per what version of MKW you are doing. To me, that's unacceptable.

Therefore, all region free versions of any code will be moved to graveyard. All future postings of region free codes will also be moved to graveyard.

Finally remembered to add back the item box favicon.  Tongue
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All threads in Code Forum now require approval by me. This is to prevent bad/fake/non-working codes from creeping into the Codes Forum. New sticky thread about posting threads in the Codes Forum has been created to assist those before they post a thread for 
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Pae memorial html page (/pae) has been removed. Memorial transferred to the it's thread within the Memorial sub forum.

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