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User registration has been changed to Admin Activation only. There has been an increase in spam by 'trolls'. These 'trolls' would register, post various spam, get banned by me, then switch IPs on a VPN, and re-register.

There's nothing I can do to stop VPN usage. In fact, I support it for privacy reasons. I knew this was going to happen sooner or later. I'm surprised the troll-type spamming didn't start sooner. Anyway, all accounts will be manually activated by me.

When a new account gets registered, it will be activated once at least 48 hours has passed. This does not mean accounts get auto-activated. 48 hours is the minimum waiting period.

Thank you for understanding. 
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If you were on the forum yesterday, you will notice I was testing many different Forum Theme Colors with multiple different new Banner pics. After a whole day of testing, the theme & banner pic combination you see now is the finalized chosen option. The old Dark Blue Theme with the Moonview Highway pic was getting ancient. I'd figure it was time for a change.

Also, I changed the Avatar Post Display size to 100x100 to exactly match the maximum dimensions allowed for Avatar uploads by a user.

Forum Rank Icons have slightly changed...

- All MKWii Items are used now (before there was no TC, Blooper, and Triple Items)
- Item Pics are enlarged from 35 pixel max to 60 pixel max.
- All Ranks will use a singular amount, instead of certain ranks using multiple amounts of same icon
- Obviously, post count requirements for most items have changed since new items were added

NOTE: You may have to press Shift+F5 on your browser for a hard refresh (clear cache of old images), or press the refresh button while holding down on the CTRL button or Shift button, every Browser varies on this. Visit the link below to view all new item image icons then do a hard refresh on your browser.

Visit the Forum Ranking Thread for more info -
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