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Troubleshooting Error Code 86420 - zak - 02-09-2019

Troubleshooting Error Code 86420

The most dreaded code on wifi - 86420.

As some of you already know, these custom post-Nintendo-WFC-shutdown servers are nowhere nearly as good as the old Gamespy Servers. These custom servers (ALTWFC type, not talking about Wiimmfi) require really good Internet connection for all users in a race. Even if all users in a race have good net, 86420 can occur. I compiled a small list of methods that can remedy a troublesome 86420 code that keeps appearing.

Method #1: Stop using WiFi if Possible; Use Direct Ethernet LAN

Even if your net is amazing with high speed and low ping, WiFi 'drops' can still happen, due to an old router, misconfiguration in a router, or interfering signals from other wireless devices. A wireless connection will never be as stable as a wired one. If you are able to use a Wired Connection, use it.

Method #2. The Person with the 'worse' net should always be the Host.

After some experiments on these post-shutdown servers, it helps the stability of the WW/Race if the person with the worse Internet connection is the Host. I don't know why this is, but it does help. For private rooms, this is simple, have said person host the room then others will join.

For WW's, you want said person to start the search for the WW first (while other friends do NOT search). The other friends should wait about 20 FULL seconds, then initiate a search to attempt to find the initial person who started the search first. The person who initially started the search first will be placed as the Host of the WW.

Method #3. DMZ Your Router Settings

If the Error Code 86420 pops up instantly, chances are it is not a connection issue, but a firewall issue. Be sure all players attempting to join each other have their Router/Modem firewall configured to allow for peer-to-peer gaming. A good way to insure your firewall is not an issue is to enable what is known as DMZ. Most modern day Routers/Modems have this feature. You will obviously need access to your Router/Modem. When DMZing, you only need to DMZ for the Internal IP of your Wii or Internal IP of your computer if you are using Dolphin Emulator instead.

For the Wii, you can find out your Internal IP, by simply loading HBC. Once HBC is loaded, wait a brief moment. Look at the top left of your screen. A message will say "Your Wii's IP is XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX. With the X values being the Internal IP.

For Computer Use, finding out your Internal IP varies per Operating System. Simply Google How to find your Internal IP for your OS. If you know your computer's name on your network, you can access your Router/Modem instead, and find the computer's name listed and next to the name will be its Internal IP.

Once your find the IP Address, find the DMZ settings on your router/modem. There should be a field to enter in the desired IP. Enable DMZ for the IP.

Do NOT DMZ every device/IP listed on your router/modem. This is insecure for your household. Only DMZ the IP(s) you need to DMZ.

Method #4. Have all players reconnect online.

Whenever 86420 happens with a consistent pattern like manner and DMZ is NOT the issue, it's a good idea to 'refresh' the natneg. To do this, have all players reconnect online, then try joining each other.

Method #5. Use Dolphin instead of your Wii if your Dolphin runs at full 60 FPS

Modern computers have much better Wifi/Ethernet cards/hardware than the old Wiis. Thus, as long as your Dolphin runs 100% with no issues, it will always have better connection than your Wii console. So if you have both options to choose from and 86420 is an issue, try using your Dolphin Emulator instead.

Method #6. Server Reboot

If all 5 Methods above fail, and you know for a fact all players have good connection with LOW ping, then contact me on here for via discord (zakmkw#8365). It may be time for a server reboot.