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Force 30 FPS - zak - 02-08-2019

Force 30 FPS

This code is a MUST have if your Dolphin (on Android) seems to almost be good enough to run at 60 fps but isn't quite there. The code will force the game to cap the FPS at 30, which can make your dolphin emulation no longer drop frames.

004250D4 00000002
0029FD69 00000002

00429454 00000002
002A40E9 00000002

00428DD4 00000002
002A3A69 00000002

00417474 00000002
002920E9 00000002

Code creator: Nick Reynolds

RE: Force 30 FPS - Cameron_MKW - 02-12-2019

What is the easiest way to enable this on Android? Does this work - (Dolph android w/ implemented cheat system)? Or do you have to Hex edit it?

RE: Force 30 FPS - Cameron_MKW - 02-12-2019

Link to using alternative Dolphin -

RE: Force 30 FPS - zak - 02-12-2019

I do a weird method (not the easiest way) to apply cheats in Dolphin. I personally make a WBFS file with a Wiimmfi-SZS patched main.dol from a GCT file.

Dolphin is finicky with codes in general. I find codes to work more often with the WBFS patching method instead of using Dolphin's own Menu/Config of loading codes.

Thanks for the alt Dolphin Link btw.

RE: Force 30 FPS - Cameron_MKW - 02-13-2019

Thanks, man. You're welcome.

Edit: So, the alt dolphin works with all regions, but you need to list this code under Action Replay NOT Gecko.