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With the very first thread & post, I would like to announce the official beginning of these forums. There were 2 past times I had forums on this site. This time, the forums are staying for good and they are configured to be at the index of the site (no more sub directory link on Home Page)

Thanks!!!  Smile
Announcement: Registration is now open!!!  Smile
Exclamation  Announcement: Forum Logo added, Forum Rankings completed.  Exclamation
Exclamation Announcement Exclamation

Content for all Forum Threads completed!  Big Grin
Small Update:

Users can no longer delete their posts/threads. This is to keep proper post count and for legacy purposes. If you want to 'delete' your post, edit in some random stuff. If you need your thread deleted, just post on it (I will see the recent post), and it will be moved to graveyard.

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